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Missions & Outreach Committee

Chairperson: Missions & Outreach Deacon
Staff Partner: Teaching Elder
Membership: At Large Members of the Congregation

This committee is charged with enacting missional care both locally and internationally through word and deed ministry as laid out in the Missions Framework document adopted by the Session. Realizing that quality support of all missional endeavors of which Longview EPC is made aware is not feasible, this team will sift between many good opportunities and select those that most directly correspond with the vision statement and relational capacity of Longview EPC. They will then encourage engagement in those missions throughout our faith family.  They will also promote the individual and corporate evangelism imbedded within our mission as a church. This committee meets monthly or as needed to pursue a culture of outreach within our faith family. 

The Missions and Outreach Deacon is responsible for developing and coordinating efforts of the committee, supporting the work of the Teaching Elder, coordinating the relational connections with missions and outreach partners, facilitating meetings, maintaining minutes, and coordinating special projects and initiatives. The Teaching Elder is responsible for supporting the work of the Missions & Outreach Deacon, regular involvement with the work and activity of the committee, integrating the work of the committee across all areas of ministry, and reporting to the Session regularly on the work and wellness of the committee.

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